Have Faith in Fate, Superstition can give you Permission

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As many of you already know I have been dedicating the majority of my web development time working on Social Media Sun, and have been enjoying every minute of it. It’s the first project in a long time where I’ve set out to do everything the way it should be done; the right way, and succeeded time after time. It was bigger, more complicated, and has more potential than the hobby like projects I have been taking on lately, and I’ve still held out on delivering in each and every aspect. If everything continues the way it has been, the site will grow into quite the Social Media blog quicker than even I had anticipated. I actually have a few tricks up my sleeve that I planned to play had the site failed to meet expectations, but it isn’t looking like I’ll be resorting to gimmicks.

What I’d like to tell you about this evening is some events surrunding the latest guest post, “Up and Coming Blogs that You May Not Know” by Tony Bennett. Tony has been supportive during the launch and subsequent weeks, and I had entertained getting him on board for a contribution. After seeing him around our local social media haunts a few days in a row, I figured that I would pop the question and see if he wanted to submit something. After he agreed, we came to that part that no blog really enjoys: topic choosing. I know that Tony is probably familiar with more blogs than anyone I know, so I decided to see if he’d like to do a top blogs kind of list. Everyone does that however, and our site is fairly new. Everyone knows that Chris Brogan and Mari Smith are popular blogs.

Tony knows EVERYBODY though. So as a second thought, why not do a list of blogs that most people aren’t familiar with? So Tony was up for it, and he actually shot me 2 names over the day we decided on the topic.

He turned the article in early this week. The Bloggers were Margie Clayman, Peggy Fitzpatrick, RS Guthrie, Amber Meadows, and Andrew Biebert. About an hour after I received the article and checked out all the blogs, I knew that we had a winner. The blogs were awesome, and people couldn’t argue with that.

Immediately after uploading the article though, it started. I first saw it on the @Sun_Social Twitter feed. That Twitter account is set up to re-tweet people who have contributed to Social Media Sun and to pull from their RSS feeds for our own tweets. Our account re-tweeted a comment from Gini Dietrich that had @margieclayman mentioned in it. It was a little odd. The next day I stopped in at Triberr and approved some posts, and there it was again. The Marketing Profs blog is a feed in one of my tribes, and Margie had done a guest post for them. I tweeted out her article. It was then that I started to suspect that someone was trying to tell me something… Dino Dogan, what does this mean?

I went to my Twitter to contemplate the pair of odd coincidences; this supposedly little known blogger showing up in my feed twice in 2 days right after I uploaded a post about how she was great, but little known. A passage from Peggy Fitzpatrick’s short introduction in Tony’s list reads “You may not know her by name, but you’ve probably seen this smile cross one of your social media streams at some point.” – and then it happened, someone in my feed re-tweeted Peggy and I was sitting there staring at that exact same smile, just like Tony said.

The coincidences didn’t stop there. After posting, I found out that both Peggy and Margie play the role of right hand-person to the guy who owns the 12most blog. Margie is the editor of that blog, and Peggy is the second in command at re:DESIGN, his other company. Peggy also writes for 12 most… and so does Amberr….. and so has Biebert.

The post was great though, and I would like to get all 5 of the bloggers to contribute to Social Media Sun. This is one area I wish I could do better in: attracting people with top notch writing skills and Social Media experience to create content for the blog. Some poeple just don’t understand online writing that well (you’re actually writing articles when you go for expertise, not blog posts), some people can’t get the voice down (authoritative and unique. Thnk Kissmetrics blog or something Brian Solis does with Altimeter) and some people just can’t write that well. Mostly though, people don’t want to contribute to a new site and can’t see the massive benefit that SMS offers over other sites they WOULD contribute to. I don’t want to go into detail there, but Page Rank HAS NO EFFECT ON WHAT A BACKLINK IS WORTH. Our backlinks are worth far more than most blogs if you’re a social media blogger for the simple reason that the words “Social Media” are in our domain name. Plus, the site will have good page rank after the next update, and we just barely missed getting in before this previous update.

So if you haven’t checked it out yet, go and check out Social Media Sun. I’m really proud of the result of what is basically all the design and development work I completed during February. If you have faith, it may be fate that you do.

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Too much Kony on my Sony

So all this week everyone on the Internet has been forced to hear about Joseph Kony abducting children, and Rush Limbaugh calling a girl a slut. There have been 2 major results;


Let’s start with Rush. He lost the majority of his sponsors, and has been dragged through the mud while no one even asked the question of how much of a slut the girl really was. I don’t know the whole story, but people just need to get tougher. You’re going to ruin a man’s life for name calling? What ever happened to sticks and stones? Oh yeah, they’ve all been collected by liberals for the last 5 years to build a big funeral Pyre for the first chance that they had to take down Rush Limbaugh. All it took was 1 simple screw up, and it couldn’t have happened at a more opportune time: election year. I mean isnt there worst things to worry about in the world than jumping on rush limbaugh for outing some college slut? Like maybe, child abduction? Yes, and a little known (at least until last week) charitable organization did just that.


Invisible children sent their video “Make Joseph Kony Famous” into the viral stratosphere last week. Since 1987 Kony has been abducting children in Uganda to fight for their rebel forces, who by the way are fighting the Uganda dictatorship.

It sounded like a noble cause, at least until you take a look at Invisible Children. This charity has had shady business practices since light cast shadows, and they’re not getting any cleaner now that they’re in the spotlight. The company itself admits that less than 35% of the proceeds actually go to any cause at all. The other 70% goes to flying the owners of the charity all around the world traveling, and making movies for their production company. These guys are more worried about being famous than saving children.

What’s even worse is that the only way to fight Kony is by funding the army who fights against him, which is a group who abducts children just the same. Both sides are evil, but Kony has been doing it a little longer.

I just don’t trust the judgement of the Internet anymore. We’ve been given a limitless resource where the first thing you can do is look into the facts of these charity scams. Instead, people just want to be involved in something so bad that they’ll send money to a drug dealer in America to get the drugs off the street in Mexico. They’ll sleep better tonight because they aren’t aware of how many children were kidnapped by a group they funded who kust sp happens to be opposed to Joseph Kony. Getting involved in something important while highly ignorant of the important facts. I’m going to start calling that behavios “Supporting the other Kony”.


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EA Mission Cool Down and Dropping DIV

February 24, 2012 Leave a comment

I understand what DUPs was trying to do with the mission cool down feature, but in my opinion it fell short. There are some players who login once a day, claim all the mission rewards, complete zero missions, rinse and repeat tomorrow. It’s a dirty way to play, but players like that never get the real benefit that honest players derive out of the friends they make in the game.

I considered the rip runners a price of doing business to an extent, however have singled out a few to be blocked when they’ve come to my attention, and their attitude or actions leads me to believe that the negative things they do toward me are part of some more sinister deep seeded anger or jealousy, or are part of a larger ulterior motive. If you’ve been known to eat at Taco Bell every week, don’t tell me that my invitation to McDonalds is beneath you. I find it comical how some “social media managers” so obviously display contempt for their acquaintances. Social media wasn’t suppose to allow you to stay updated on people you envy and make into your own private competition, it’s supposed to be a place for friends. Tune people that you don’t like hearing from out.

As for Cool Down, it is keeping as many or more honest players from completing missions as it is dishonest ones. No one has the time to do missions all day long, and if players can’t stop in once or twice a day, complete 10-20 missions and move on in their routine, missions will quickly become yesterdays icing. 

As many of you have noticed, my activity on EA has fell somewhat, and my DIVs are lower than they have been in months. If you didn’t know by now, I working on a new project. http://socialmediasun.com/ is one of the most anticipated websites I’ve launched in approximately 10 years. The whole method of web development changed from something that was viral to something that built slowly over time through search. I’m hoping to jump start the website with a little momentum off the gate. I hate 3 Million Eaves that I will be rewarding the people who help me next week. There will be missions ranging from tweeting a link to an article, to visiting sites on the SMS top 100. There will also be a special Chat even hosted at 8pm EST on 2.29.2012 in honor of the site launch, and to talk about where the site will go from there.

On top of a busy work schedule, Triberr has been acting up and not publishing my tribe mates tweets in my feed, the Internet funny JPEG scene is in a slump, my friends are in the bottom of a cyclical rotation relating to Facebook use, and I have only been focusing on those 2 networks for EA activity earnings. I almost had an entirely blue circle until a rash of small sell offs this past week, but I’d like to return to are form by the site launch. I hope to see you on the 29th in some capacity, hopefully joining in some of the missions and attending the Twitter web chat.

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Empire Avenue Best IPOs Feb 11, 2012

February 11, 2012 Leave a comment

Good morning EAvers! Our friend Paul Steinbruck is taking a break once again today, and as some of you remember I’ll do a recommendation post from time to time. I prepared for this much better today, and today has turned out to be one of the best days for new players in a long, long time. I hope you have a lot of Eaves. There are plenty of buys that are near 2.0 ROI. Buy early!

Primary List – Above 1.0 ROI, Positive great Investments (Gains of over 1,000 Eave after commision guaranteed). Must have new players and super high ROIs! If you have a large bank, you may want to check and make sure the DIVs will pay for you. 





















Secondary List – Less than 1.0 ROI, not a clearly great investment, hard to lose on. Some active players who had their ROI bid up in their first day. 








Top Empire Avenue Stocks – Feb 10, 2012

February 10, 2012 4 comments

Good morning EAvers! Our friend Paul Steinbruck is taking a break today, and as some of you remember I’ll do a recommendation post from time to time. I wasn’t fully prepared to fill in for Paul, but I realized there were some certifiable gems in today’s haul, so I threw together a quick list as best I could. All are above or near 1.0 ROI, and all will surely rise as the day goes on. Buy early!

http://www.empireavenue.com/KANGOMEDIA 1.21 ROI

http://www.empireavenue.com/FC3ARCH 1.37 ROI

http://www.empireavenue.com/KEENYKEENZ 1.01 ROI

http://www.empireavenue.com/LRCBAND 0.92 ROI

Also, DUPs unveiled some new Bonuses featuring comic strip Icon Dilbert. If you have less than 1,000 stocks in your portfolio, you can spend 5$ to get a boost in your DIVs for the next 5 days. If you are making a ton of Eaves, you can purchase a bonus that gives a percentage of your DIVs to your shareholders. We’ll see who the real generous folks are this week!

I would have hated to see you guys miss the first 2 stocks on this list. Know of any other must haves from Yesterday’s newbies? Leave their ticker in the comments! Have a great day guys! I’ll do better tomorrow, and Paul will be back after that. Want to thank me for the picks? http://www.empireavenue.com/agj or ticker symbol (e)AGJ.

Images by John Michael

January 31, 2012 Leave a comment

I had some PRO Pictures done last week, and was able to go for a viewing earlier today. I don’t consider myself to be the most photogenic person in the world, and I saw the pictures on the camera during the shoot, so I wasn’t expecting the best results regardless of how good the photographer was.

The photos looked great, even prior to re-touching. The setup John Michael used was professional, and he realy knows what he’s doing. I noticed today that he had won several awards in photo contests (Wedding, kid, Kodak, Fujifilm, you name it). He has been a professional photographer for 7 years, and you wouldn’t realize what that means until you get photos done by someone with that kind of experience.

I have learned more about photography just by observing his methods nd picking up small things during the hour or so we’ve been in contact than during my entire life. A lot of people think that photography is something that anyone can do, and that just because someone has an expensive camera and lighting that they won’t do that much better. Unless you see an amateur photo and professionally done photo together, you wouldn’t realize the quality difference. Tere truly is though, and if you don’t understand how to make light your friend, you will never have high quality photos.

John Michael was great, he took as many photos as I wanted, and tried out some extra poses that weren’t as traditional. When I first went to his studio, I drove by it 3 times because it was such a big house. It didn’t look like a photo studio, but instead a victorian era mansion (which is perfect for photography). It turns out that the house was one of John Mayo’s farm houses, and is probably 150 years old.

I am glad that I chose John Michael as opposed to trying to get a cheaper alternative. I’m always happy to support local business, but this guy does it right. He has invested a LOT in his business, from the equipment to the location, it all adds up to make for one of those rare businesses that you’d expect to see in Manhattan, not Paintsville KY. I can’t wait to get the photos this weekend and integrate them with my money sites, and add them to my bylines. I expect the photo I choose to use to get over 10 million views this year, so it isn’t a decision to be taken lightly.

The icing on the cake, was literally icing on the cake. Today was cupcake day at the studio, and I got a cupcake, and my picture taken in front of the house! A visitor before me put her cupcake in John’s wife’s face lol. It’s important to have some fun in your business sometimes. I would definitely recommend John Michael if you want professionally done photos that are high quality, even when compared to professionals. Guess what? He’s affordable too.

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New Domains!

January 26, 2012 1 comment

I just got 25 Premium domains. Got some really good ones, in fact I would say that it’s the best block of domains I’vegotten in 5 years. I am looking forward to developing 5-10 of them, and probably selling 10-15 of these that I don’t develop or use as hoppers, and some of the ones I already owned that the better ones of these will replace.

It seems like every 3 years or so I build up a new Web Empire, just to sell it after I get it finished. I was always best at developing the networks, and it was more enjoyable. When it comes to the monotony and dedication it takes to run a 20 site network when the sites aren’t static, it’s better left to others.

Some of the domains I will sell? One that I know I will sell now is Propowerline.com , and I may sell webroles.com and waycoolmusic.com. Which ones will I develop? I got ahold of shiftSEO.com, and I plan on doing something with that. I also got Searchverse.com, and I think I will also develop a web 2.0, or maybe even a search oriented platform for that site. 3Dround.com was the shortest domain I caught, but there were also 2 others that I am really excited about. One is going to take TONS of work, and it’s along the lines of the Social Media stuff I’m currently involved in. The other is ahead of its time, and spilling the beans now would allow competitors to get in my SEO way. I am VERY excited about these 2 properties and look to turn them into High Traffic destinations. Wish me luck, and if you want to get involved in the ground floor of something that could make you very well known in Social Media circles, look for my invitations to Private and Public Betas in the near future!

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I’m on SOPA Strike today!

January 18, 2012 Leave a comment

I was going to write an aweome blog post about the only shape that is self righting without the use of weights, but most of the Internet is on Strike today, so I’m going to join in. My other Internet interests are too important to break from, so I’m just ignoring SOPA there, but I like the fact that I have this blog where I can take the day off and act like I’m occupying Wall Street or something, when the truth is I have about 11 hours in as of 8:15 today.

Sometimes I don’t think people realize how hard it is to do things well. I know some people that do, but mostly people cut corners and produce mediocre content (they call it “great content”) and just assume that everyone is in the same situation.

I purposely formatted my personal blog to feature articles that were longer than normal, included dual narrative and covered aspects of Internet science that is above and beyond what they’re selling on Mashable. I aim to put out 2400-3000 words per week in 3 800-1000 word articles, even though I know that I could get more page hits and grow my brand faster by writing 6- 500 word articles per week.

Yes, it’s hard work sometimes, but we won’t tell anybody that. We’re on strike today! The government is keeping us down, and trying to ruin the Internet. We should be boycotting hollywood and the recording industry, but instead Wikipedia and Reddit sees today, in conjunction with MLK day, as a 4 day holiday. Just close down the Internet, that’s awesome.

Strikes aren’t what the Internet is about. This is something that is unique to the web; the low overhead makes it possible to just black out your business for a day, but it’s not helping anything. I couldn’t look up what year Doogie Howser was on TV today, and I  am pissed about that. AND I had to work while the douchebags that beg for money at the top of the Wikipedia page got the day off to drink mojitos and get sunburned.

I may not have really took the day off, but I’m kicking SOPA’s ass 1 web graphic and blog post at a time. Be on the lookout for a HUGE announcement from me late next week.

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We lie on our taxes and cheat on our wives

January 17, 2012 1 comment


SGT. Reyes used to work homicide, but after upsetting a widow he was sent back to narcotics to help keep a new insurgency of gang violence down in the city. He despised the gangs, and started to despise the job he once held in such high regard.


One evening as his shift was drawing to a close he noticed a man in a red shirt (the color of the notorious bloods street gang) loitering in front of the DAV health clinic on Washington street. Reyes’ father was a disabled vet, and he couldn’t stand the thought of the gangs creeping east to the lower-middle income neighborhoods that until then was dominated by good people.


Reyes pulled his car against the curb and hit the lights. He jumped out of the car with an icy stare fixed on the gang banger. “What are you doing in this part of town you punk? I arrest pieces of shit like you around the high rise towers, but I’ll cripple your good for nothing ass for trolling in MY neighborhood”.


The gang member didn’t speak, but instead flashed a gang sign, squinting his beady eyes, attempting to look hard.


“I know you heard me, I didn’t stutter. I asked what is your business. I know you didn’t just flash a Westside at me. Those tattoos might not come off, but I can sure break those fingers.”


The gang member stared at Reyes for long moment, glanced away and back at Reyes once more. He brought his hands from his sides and flashed another gang sign…. and then another. Apparently this guy wasn’t just a gangbanger; he was a smartass to boot. SGT. Reyes burst into a quick rage. Producing his baton so quickly that it moved the wind as he raised it over his opposite shoulder, Reyes delivered a stern backhand to the gang member to the shoulder with his nightstick. The gang banger grasped his arm in pain, and his eyes grew wide with bewilderment.


Reyes: What the hell did I just say cream puff? I told you not to flash no gang signs at me and to tell me what the hell you’re up to. I’m a 20 year veteran on this squad, and I’d just as soon beat you until your ears bleed than to wear the oil out of my handcuffs by arresting you. Now I’m going to ask you one last time, what are you doing this far down Washington Street?


As soon as the officer’s mouth stopped moving the gang member started flashing more gang signs. This time he was mostly doing it with his one good hand, would use his battered arm to from time to time during the quick, but short, display of gang banging solidarity.


This final insult threw SGT. Reyes into fits. He hauled off and hit the gangbanger with the baton so hard that it sent him reeling into the brick wall behind him, and finally to the ground. Reyes continued beating the man into submission, rhythmically drawing the baton with one hand to his left, then right. He was a mad symphony conductor delivering a near death sonata. With each blow the defense of the gang member grew weaker and the blood started to pool faster into puddles near the building.


After nearly a whole minute of unsubdued violence the Doctor at the Disabled Veterans Clinic heard the commotion and stepped outside to see what the problem was.

“Hey!” said the Doctor. “Stop it right now. What the hell are you doing to Sam?”

Reyes stopped swinging, part from exhaustion and part because he couldn’t hear the doctor over his own rage.

“I’m doing you a favor doc. This piece of scum gang banger was probably driving away Vets who needed help, scared they were going to get robbed. He was disrespectful enough to repeatedly flash gang signs at me after I put my life on the line every day because of his kind.” Reyes exclaimed confidently as he wiped his mouth with his forearm, no doubt larger than it was before this last cycle of anabolic steroids.

“Sir, that is one of the local veterans, and he put his life on the line for 3 years defending a loser cop’s right to beat up criminals. And those gang signs you are talking about is called American Sign Language, you might try taking your dumbass to a library and researching it sometimes.”


Reyes was shocked, dropping his baton as his chest tightened. A million thoughts went through his mind as he peered down at the man he had just brutally beaten, coughing up blood and bleeding profusely. At that moment he heard a voice to his left:

“911. what’s your emergency?”

“I’d like to report an assault… well, an attempted murder. This cop just beat the shit out of this guy on Washington Street”

“I’m sorry sir; did you say a cop assaulted a man?”

“Yes. He beat him to death almost, he’s in bad shape…. you better hurry”

“I’ve dispatched an ambulance. Is the assailant still on the scene? Are you positive it was a Cop that beat him up?”

“Yes, he’s still here. I know it was a Cop, he’s in uniform and the lights on his cruiser are on. I taped it all on my cell phone… every second of it. He beat him up for using sign language”


The cop turned to see a teenager holding a cell phone stretched out to arm’s length, with the brutal scene framed up in the viewfinder. He looked back down at the man he had mistaken for a gang banger, who was now coughing up small amounts of blood as he rolled onto his side. The man raised his hand toward the officer and shakily, stretched his middle finger as close to the sky as he could.


So when you are burdened with troubles and your mind is full,

don’t rush up on strangers and lose all your cool.

There are always some things beyond your understanding,

you’ll pay for rush judgment and punches you’re landing.


Don’t worry so much, we live life to give.

The one and the many, it’s your life to live.

We lay our debts on heroes, and lie on our taxes,

You leave home as children, and ain’t been back since.


The news always scares you, the truth is quite bland,

princes aren’t as regal; pianos not as grand.

so turn off your TV and walk to the corner

Police beat the helpless, the poor just get poorer.


Glade Air Freshener, the Household Napalm?

January 17, 2012 Leave a comment

Earlier today one of my friends started a small fire in her house. She was sitting in her living room with her son and they both started coughing, and noticed a caustic smell. She had just finished laundry so she went and turned off the breaker for the dryer and examined the wiring.

As she was walking back to her living room she noticed smoke coming from her laundry basket. Quickly, she rushed the basket outside to keep the house from buring down. There were huge burn spots on the clothes, but there was no source of ignition. What do you think happened?

It turns out the laundry had a funny smell to her when she removed it from the dryer (she often claims things smells funny, like eggs when she cooks them). Out of the febreze she normally uses, she sprayed it with Glade air freshener. She folded it in the laundry basket and returned to the living room. wash was mostly made up of white sheets, so it had been bleached.

Her mother speculated that it had been a chemical reaction between the residual bleach and the air freshener. There are warnings on the can that says the chemicals are highly flammable.

It isn’t a stretch for me to believe this reasoning. I am a certified mine impoundment inspector. Some mine impoundments use refuse as a building material (the silt and rock that is a byproduct of cleaning coal at a processing plant). There is some coal left in the refuse, and when it’s piled up it can spontaneously combust inside the pile. Smoke will billow from the stockpile as he oxygen depleted carbon smolders within the pile of refuse, and temperatures soar. It’s very dangerous if the refuse is a component on an impoundment because it could cause total failure. Some impoundments hold back filter cake that eventually dries, but some hold back millions of gallons of water that runs off from surface mining operations and is used in the coal cleaning process.

I’m almost motivated to try and recreate the experiment. Wash some sheets in water with a high level of bleach content and then spray them with Glade air freshener while they’re still warm. Put it in a laundry basket (making sure to compress the pile) and see if it combusts. After all, these are 2 common cleaning chemicals that are paired in homes across the country. The byproducts of a reaction from even a small mixture could be carcinogous.

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