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Odds n Ends: PETA, Executive Abuse and Other Musings

I have been really active on my social networks this week, and felt that some of my responses and comments should be shared, as well as preserved.

According to their own data, filed with the Department of Agriculture in Virginia, in 2010 PETA took in 2,345 homeless dogs and cats—and euthanized 2,301 of them.

Now who is going to protect the animals?

Your words have to be really insprining to make me smile, but your JPG doesn’t even have to be that crude to make me laugh my ass off. Here’s to the new Facebook, and the proliferation of crowdsourced retarded image sharing!         -Adam Justice

Why East Ky Dislikes Our Current Administration

Obama’s actions by giving the EPA free run is an ulterior Liberal Agenda. They are using executive orders and federal agencies to bypass congress, which avoids our system of checks and balances.

The laws they passed concerning permits really don’t have an affect on the environment one way or the other, it just keeps us from getting mining permits, which we actually hae 20% of the state covered in already. It isn’t keeping people from mining, it’s just keeping smaller companies from doing it. The administration’s goal is to try and raise the price of coal so other forms of energy become more economically viable. Over the whole country, we have added a small amount of wind production over the last few years, but the loss in nuclear power production after the problems in Japan scared us away have left alternate energy sources at a neutral growth rate.

The laws that groups such as FACES of COAL are fighting are about not being able to constuct hollow fills. Basically the government says you can’t construct over Ephemeral streams now, which aren’t streams at all, but basically any ditch that the water erodes the grass in the bottom of. Animal don’t live in them, and for every 1 ditch that gets wiped out, the hollowfill puts 2 back in, and a pond. Without the fills, it becomes extremely costly to mine coal.

The administration could care less about the environment. They backed off of their WAR ON COAL because of joblessness. All Obama is worried about is playing to the crowd and getting elected again.

My Thoughts on Gauged Earrings or “Tunnels”
I don’t think a small one is that permanent. I have criticized people with them before, but I’m sure there is some sort of appeal in mimicking African and aboriginal cultures, and also the self mutilation, so I wouldn’t be so quick to write them off as “Those people with narrow and poor vision”. My biggest concern is that it is unsanitary, and I have been told that they smell bad, it has to do with the tissues your ears are made of. That and I don’t see the need to mutilate your body, which is a gift from either God or a miracle of physical being. Otherwise, it seems like a purely superficial fad that harms no one.


I’m going to sleep….. with 2 pieces of knowledge. #1 people still must like Facebook because they’re posting a chain letter that is supposed to keep their Facebook account free after tomorrow when Facebook starts charging. #2 I guess I’ll be paying for Facebook tomorrow because I’m too sleepy to re-post the chain letter. Good night folks!

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