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Steve Jobs passes on, iPhone 4S Seen as Deceit

When I first started getting targeted for articles about Steve Jobs at 7pm yesterday, I assumed that it was due to the release of the latest iPhone upgrade, and the ensuing backlash. I had thought that Steve Jobs probably left the company because he didn’t want to be around for the 4S launch when everyone was expecting an iPhone 5 that could read your thoughts. It wasn’t until really late last night that I read the headlines that Steve Jobs had died. He had been done in with his bout of Pancreatic Cancer (P.C?? Really?).

There are few executives that produce not one, but two billion dollar companies in their life starting from inception. While Apple has become the largest corporation by market cap in the world, most of Steve Jobs’ fortune was made from the purchase of Pixar by Disney. Jobs had sold most of his Apple shares off when he left the first time in the early 90s.

When I think about the fact that the two largest companies in the world are Apple and Exxon Mobile, it kind of sickens me that a bunch of derp tards are picketing Wall Street about how bad corporations have made America. The spokesperson for the Westboro baptist bunch even took to Twitter telling everyone that the church would indeed picket Steve Jobs’ funeral because he never gave God praise and was the devil. At the bottom of her Tweet, it was pointed out that she had sent the Tweet from her trusty iPhone. Same thing goes for Occupy Wall Street. How do you think corporations are able to make innovative discoveries in electronics and medicine? While you’re tweeting pictures of cops spraying your roomate with Mace and using an enormous amount of petroleum resources organixing and traveling to these protests, how are you not supporting Exxon and Apple, the two largest companies in the world by capitalization? Do you guys even know what Wall Street is? It is more than just a street ya know, it’s the mechanism that allows you to bitch about stuff in the first place.

Meanwhile in America….. Republicans are continuing with their “Occupy the White House” campaign while the liberal extremists are trying to figure out why they are protesting. They are going to occupy the White House too, even Sarah Palin could win the 2012 election. People protest for a change way too much, and that is why I can give Steve Jobs credit. He knew where he wanted to take us, and I’ll be damned if it didn’t work out. Capt. Jean Luc Picard invented the iPad, we all agree on that, but Steve Jobs made a company that he used to own the single biggest corporate entity in the world by seeing it through to fruition.

So America, next time you hear that people are protesting “Bad things that Bad People Do” make sure you aren’t supporting the terrorists so to speak before you go out and get yourself maced over it. I wish I had a picture of all the protestors Tweeting their asses off on touchscreen phones after Steve Jobs died. Which if there aren’t pictures, it didn’t happen, but I bet the same people protesting big business are preaching about how much Steve Jobs changed their lives… they don’t seem to make the connection. So until next time, Think Different.

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