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Motivation, Direction and Results

For the last 2 weeks I have been concentrating on networking more than writing. Of course September was another great month for me with Yahoo!, and I have already enjoyed some success in October (I had the same type of lull at the beginning of September), but it always makes me wonder how much success I could have if I concentrated on 1 thing consistently.

Looking back at some of my successes and failures in the past, it reminds me that the main reason I am so successful with the Yahoo! format is the same reason I am much better at setting up Internet startups than I am at running them; I lose interest in various subjects rather quickly, but it is almost always replaced by an interest in something else.

Being a featured contributor for Technology, Politics and Autos means that I can always write about something I’m interested in. It keeps me from getting brunt out, and while I might not have the more immediate success that a writer who attempts to be a guru of 1 subject, my style is perfectly tailored to me.

I do need to make a list and manage my time better though. I have several projects that aren’t getting done, several articles I’ve been meaning to write, a bunch of tasks that need completed and even some work i’ve promised for friends that I can’t even remember what it is. I have passed up a couple of guest posting opportunities lately, and all of this missing out is not like me. It isn’t about being lazy or not having the time, but simply because I have become so busy that I am in need of the same level of time management I have in my real job.

I have the motivation, and I know my direction. The telling end to all of my hard work will be the overall results. Stay tuned to find out if I win the Internet rat race, or burn horribly in a sea of pretenders.

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