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Why I am not on Board with Occupy Wall Street

99 percent

Now when I look at this, I don’t want to be in the same statistical group of this dumbass. She is in a smaller 15% of Americans who think the government owes them a college education in addition to welfare, food stamps, employment, a boyfriend, etc.

Why didn’t you save for college? Why didn’t you go to a cheaper college? Why even go to college when you can’t afford it? They gave you a copy of the Occupational Outlook Handbook when you were 18, what did you do with it? Do you know anything about drugs, and do you realize that you would be on the lower end of prostitution, and Pizza Hut would probably be more lucrative?

This girl has made terrible decisions since she has been old enough to be held legally accountable. I am confident that whether she chooses prostitution or drugs, it will probably be the wrong decision.

I am so ashamed of people doing this Occupy Wall Street thing. It boils down to a bunch of people who are jealous, stupid and directionless. They are jealous of anyone who is fairing well as far as employment or money goes. They are too stupid to realize that big business has made every facet of their life possible (You can’t tweet pictures of a protest against Big Business from your iPhone, the premiere product of the largest corporation by market cap in the world and be taken seriously). They are only coming out because they have no goals, and do not know how to begin to do for themselves.

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