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Empire Avenue Recommended Investments 10/20/11

In addition to Paul’s recommended IPOs, I believe these stocks are prime investments to place your Eaves for the time being. I highly recommend picking up the stocks Paul lists each morning, but if your strategy is effective you are going to have many more Eaves than a few stocks will cost, just by selling off the IPOs that discontinue their activity on EAve.

How stocks are picked – A few of these may be stocks missed by Paul in his daily roundup, while others simply did not meet his criteria, but have the appearance of substantially increased social activity since starting the game. Some of these stocks were in prior listings from Paul, but show continued strength above and beyond the other stocks they were listed with. Still yet there will be some stocks that have been around a while, and are recently showing substantially increased activity including a very high traditional ROI which is actually deceptively low compared to the 2.5ROI and 3ROI that they are producing daily. So check them out, remember that these are merely suggestions, and pay some love to Paul and Dr. Capps as well. Here is the discussion on EA that we share this wonderful information.

(e)AXI Andrea Caserini 26.76e – 0.29/share AVG / Previous DIV  62.69

(e)KA5Kamil Schuetz 36.10e – 0.37/share AVG / Previous DIV 62.18
(e)LIFERAKE John L. 23.49e – 0.27/share AVG / Previous DIV 40.68
(e)RBAX rebecca baxter 28.44e – 0.31/share AVG / Previous DIV 68.90
(e)TESTOSTERONA Testosterona Blog 138.80e – 1.71/share AVG / Previous DIV 339.40
(e)CHILDOF1GOD Vicky Hunt 46.07e – 0.45/share AVG / Previous DIV 104.37
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