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Empire Avenue: Beat the Street 10/25/2011

With IPOs, some of the biggest profits come before EA publishes the needed data to calculate ROI. Here are my list of TOMORROW’S picks using data that I have gathered myself. Not all will be holders, it is imperative that you prune the losers and spam out of your portfolio after numbers are published in the morning. However, very seldom will the prices drop by tomorrow midday regardless, and the top stocks that you pick up in this round will reward you tremendously.

http://www.empireavenue.com/KPATTERSON Kacey Patterson 20.02e – A UGA Alum with approx. 10 Twitter post this week.

http://twitter.com/#!/LiseAnneJanis  Lise Anne Janis 19.38e- 22 Twitter posts today so far, 327 followers

http://www.empireavenue.com/HLG  Jan B 34.53-  8,491 followers, at least 20 posts a day everyday

http://www.empireavenue.com/FANCY Nancy Finney21.54- Nancy’s Tweets are protected. I still believe this is a good bet.

http://www.empireavenue.com/FACE2FACE  face2face 20.70- 415 Followers, Super Active Twitter

Like I mentioned before, these stocks will rarely ever drop before midday the next day. Another advantage this group has is that it is 80% females. I would guess that Empire Avenue has a majority of male users, and females almsot always have lower ROI ratios hardly without exception. You can expect 2 users with identical stats, one male and one female, to perform drastically different. Since share purchases are a large part of an IPO’s status, I am willing to bet that if you invest before 2pm EST 10/25/2011, you will have a total gain of more than 3,500(e) on these 5 stocks alone.

I did not just go through recent arrivals and select stocks with higher prices. Here is an example of a stock that will show a terrible DIV tomorrow after publishing time, and has a high risk of showing a loss first thing in the morning. I would discourage the purchase of this stock even though it has climb relatively steadily today. It has gotten so bad that any stock with some accounts linked and a half way professional looking picture can jump to .5 ROI before Eave even publishes their earnings.

http://www.empireavenue.com/PHLHNCX Phil Hancox 24.19- 375 follows, barely ever posts. Facebook: 2 this month

So I hope you guys do well with this experiment. I will publish the results tomorrow and we’ll see how we did. I don’t plan on putting these out everyday, but if the demand is high enough I may do it. Cheers!

Adam Justice (e)AGJ 

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