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Beat the Street Success Rundown for 10/25/11 Picks

If you made the investments immediately after I published this piece, you would have made a profit of 7,742e. If you replicate my techniques, you would have made 10,116.

Scores for IPOs

You made the buys shortly after I listed the recommendations yesterday, you watched the share price grow throughout the day and you gained the instant increase when the prices rolled over this morning. Now is the time where I take a look back and measure the success of my stock picking ability. You can check out my Beat the Street Picks from 10/25/2011 here to see where I called them.

This being the first picks  I have publicly made of stocks that do not have DIV information, I wanted to make sure to do a review of the results to show you that it is possible to pick the winners with minimal research, and without an published stats from Empire Avenue. These picks  all came from a small pool of stocks that signed up for Eave between approximately 3am on 10/25 and 12 noon on 10/25, the time I wrote the article. Believe me when I say there were many more winners than the ones I listed that came on yesterday.

The important first step is to look at how we did and prune! We need to make sure to lock in winnings that may be gone later today after sell offs.

http://www.empireavenue.com/KPATTERSON Kacey Patterson 20.02e at Buy

Current Price = 30.77e

Status: Sale

*Stock now due to low AVG ROI 0.16/share , no Investments in other stocks,

http://www.empireavenue.com/LISE  Lise Anne Janis 19.38e at Buy

Current Price = 23.66e

Status: Sale

*Stock due to lack of picture, no Investments, high Posts per day to Posts per week ratio on Twitter

http://www.empireavenue.com/HLG Jan B 34.53  at Buy

Current Price = 42.41e

Status: Sale

*Due to Low AVG ROI (0.26 avg DIV), high Posts per day to Posts per week ratio on Twitter.

*(e)HLG did post a Last Dividend of 52.32, and could prove to be a keeper if she gets involved in the game. She is capable of becoming a 75(e) stock if she is consistent for the next 2 weeks.

http://www.empireavenue.com/FANCY Nancy Finney21.54 at Buy

Current Price= 29.76e

Status: Hold

*With an Average weekly Div of 0.40 (e)FANCY is currently at 1.34 ROI which is very high. Her last Div is even better at Last Dividend: 67.93. She has only made 1 purchase of other stocks, so I won’t have any remorse when I sale off her stock later, but for now i will let her activity work for me. There is another 3,000 to 8,000 in growth potential over the next 2 weeks depending on if her activity matches her AVG div, or her Latest Div. This stock also made Paul’s list.

http://www.empireavenue.com/FACE2FACE  face2face 20.70 at Buy

Current Price = 28.28e

Status: SALE! But if the player had invested in more than 2 other stocks, I would have played it like this: Hold with Intent – Set Price Alert at 28.2e

*0.22 Div makes the ROI .78 , Last Dividend: 37.91  makes the ROI you collected 1.34 which is why the stock still gained  (+4.982 ) this morning. If a stock has an instant gain of more than (+4), there will likely be a gain the next day too regardless of other facts such as low average Dividend.

*Set your Price Alert at 28.2e,and sale immediately if the alert is triggered. Monitor the stock’s activity today, and reset your alert every 2-5 hours just below the current share price. While even 1 sale will trigger it, if there are some buys before that sale it won’t be triggered. Also remember the most important thing is to keep the profit you have made as holding the stocks past now offers little chance of reward and carries a much higher risk when they have bad stats. If this player becomes addicted to the game however, you will be glad you held, and it will become apparent in his activity. Since he only made 2 buys yesterday, this player’s activity will likely drop and so will their share price.

Now let’s look at my loser pick

http://www.empireavenue.com/PHLHNCX Phil Hancox 24.19 at Time

Current Price: 26.58e

*Status: Player has an AVG Div of 0.05 per share which makes his current ROI .18 (WOW, super low). Last Dividend: 10.39, and that was a day that he signed up for the Ave, so he should have been more active than usual. I did pick up this stock when it first showed up because the picture hinted that the player was a professional and he had 2 networks connected. I actually made a profit off of him, but after other players start seeing the ROI and quit equating success with a nice photo, there will be a massive sale off and the price will fall off sharply once the stock goes in the red. If you have this stock, do yourself a favor and sale it now.

I hope you made as much money as I did. The most important thing is not to buy my picks, but learn how to make your own and replicate my success for yourself.  If you made the investments immediately after I published this piece, you would have made a profit of 7,742e. If you replicate my techniques, you would have made 10,116. That is the difference in getting them when you realize they are winners, and waiting for someone else to put out a blog post telling you to get them. So have a great Day, and Happy trading!

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