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$50,000 Mission on Empire Avenue!

I stumbled upon a post in the forums about 10 minutes ago from a buy saying he was retiring and was going to do a mission worth $50,000e. I bought 1 share, and about 10 minutes later he did the mission, then one worth 10,000e, then a couple for 1000e and finally a 500e mission.

The guy’s name was Michael Ferguson, and by the time I went to thank him the messages were gone and he had officially retired. I did manage to save a list of the players who claimed the 50,000e Mission (Me being last lol)

50,000e Winners!

John Strine (e)HALFVOID
about 19 mins ago
Lindy Ireland (e)LINDY
about 19 mins ago
dj Goddessa (e)DJGODDESSA
about 19 mins ago
Alfonso Castillo (e)KAINAN
about 20 mins ago
Nathalie Steinmetz (e)NATTI
about 20 mins ago
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  1. November 7, 2011 at 6:31 pm

    Yea, I was already invested in him and I missed them all. Sorry to see him go but good for him for going out with a bang! 🙂

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