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An Excerpt from my Latest Blog Post

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Crowdsource your marketing: The Social Swarm

By: Adam Justice

I have hinted at a marketing strategy in past posts that would in effect convert every single employee of a large or small business into a social media marketing operative.  Many technology based companies encourage participation in social media already, and the type of work they do means that most of their employees already have social media accounts and at least know how to use the devices and applications properly.

This is a very grand scheme, and as many of you already know, larger companies rarely know where to begin when it comes to designing and implementing a social media campaign to begin with. The reasons are obvious: size and profit motive lead to distrust and make any dialogue seem more like an announcement than conversation. With the correct procedures and incentives there is no reason why capable employees couldn’t excel at extending your social reach as much or more than they excel at the tasks they complete daily.

In addition to your employees, many companies use features like online forums as a way to crowd source customer support. Some consumers prefer the interaction to a product help line, and you can also utilize the knowledge of other users in addition to your support staff. This type of application needs constant monitoring. The consumers will have a dialogue with one another whether you are listening or not, and a legitimate complaint if serious enough will spread faster than your marketing. You won’t be able to control every conversation about your product, but if a crisis arises from your own web properties you have no one to blame but yourself.

You can view the rest of this article at http://adamjustice.me/crowdsource-your-marketing/

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