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Rowdy Malaysian The Most Prolific Empire Avenue Spammer

ABout a month ago I was bombarded with new accounts purchasing 1 share a piece of my stock, a full 20 of them. On closer inspection they were  all from the same town in Malaysia, and they al had purchased 200 shares in a common stock. Fuad J (eXBOSS182) is the person who runs these stocks, and they buy a couple shares of high performing stocks, as well as stocks that offer mission rewards.

All these spamming stocks usually have Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia listed as their hometown, but have been known to use other towns in Malaysia. I reported and blocked the first set, and got a response from Empire Avenue saying that they had taken care of the problem. I’ve still gotten the requests sparingly, but have just blocked them, at least until today.

Earlier I came home and found I was in the middle of one of this guy’s accout buying sprees. He has already bought my shares with 5 accounts, and another buy goes through every 20 minutes or so. Here is a screen shot of one of the accounts:


Since I’m getting aggravated again I decided to report the accounts as it goes on today. Even though he has upgraded and is now buying 4 shares with each account, he’s still betting on making that back by claiming the reward off of one mission.  I hate making new accounts anywhere, if he put this time to good use he could have coded a deal a day website or something. It’s this type of behavior that gives India, Malaysia and Southeast Asia a bad name on the Internet. The Phillipines are a bright spot in the Pacific, a progressive island nation where people are using the Internet to break the isolation. I wish that users in India and Malaysia would take a cue from the Filipinos and have some respect for other Internet users.

If you want, file complaints against XBOSS182. Dups must have not thought it was a serious enough problem, but it is as aggravating as a toilet seat STD, and it’s looking like it’s going to be twice as hard to get rid of. I enjoy smaller social networks like Empire Avenue and PROskore because they are free from the spam that Twitter and Facebook draw, but it seems like the lack of spam has caused them to drop their guard.

Message to XBOSS182: You are a bad ambassador for Malaysia. You are a flea, a tick of social media. Empire Avenue is like my pet mutt, and it’s getting a flea bath today.

PS: I Know nothing of the aggravation of toilet seat STDS, just what I’ve read on the walls of gas station restrooms. From that information, I thought it to be a valid metaphor, and if anyone familiar with toilet seat STDs would like to corroborate my metaphor, pleae do so in the comments! Have a great sunshiny day!! :))

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