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New Camera!

My family knows that I have been looking at cameras for the past few months and studying the technologies available, mostly because I’ve been heavily involved in media production and everything that goes with web development lately. I have been looking into several DSLRs, and a few other models. I was pleasantly surprised that my father bought me a new Nikon Coolpix S8200 as a Christmas present. The Nikon S8200 is a great digital camera for personal use. While it’s not professional level, I know most photography professionals like to keep a similar model for on the spot photography, and pictures of things like birthday parties. It more than meets my current needs, although I may find myself investing in a 1000$ DSLR camera later this year to set up a media studio. I’m currently looking into video cameras as well. I know most of these digital cameras shoot video, but you always get better results when you use a device that was made for what you’re doing.

If I do get into photography and film heavily I wouldn’t want to skimp on quality. People in East Ky. often are faced with low quality, in just about everything. My brother just came home with his Heart baby (what we’ve started calling babies with heart problems that require multiple surgeries) and the small oxygen generator they brought from Michigan was several times better than the model home health delivered here in rural Appalachia. They will have to turn the model from Michigan back in, but it just drives home how much quality suffers in everything but the quality of life around here. Even though the lower quality of electronic devices at our disposal and other quality related aspects helps keep residents humble, I would want customers who visited my studio to know that they couldn’t go to New York or Los Angeles and have acess to higher quality equipment. A recurring theme in photography is that the equipment doesn’t make the picture, but at the other end of that statement is the fact that I don’t want my media to be hindered by a device, and knowing you have the best tools available does a lot for both artist and customer psychologically.


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