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Upcoming E-Book

My new E-Book “How to get Liked on Facebook” a comprehensive guide to a problem that most businesses looking into developing a social media presence encounter, and most sadly never figure out. In the book I will look at all of the methods that Marketers, Businesses and even Facebook Likes resellers are using to get Likes on their page, and I’ll weigh in with my advice on what works, what doesn’t, and what you want to avoid.

I am offering this E-Book as a free gift to everyone who signs up for my Social Media Marketing Blog’s e-mail Newsletter http://adamjustice.me/ . You can find a sign up form on the main page of my website! Here is an excerpt from the first chapter for your reading Pleasure. Thanks for being a friend guys, and have a great 2012!


Facebook has quickly become one of the most viable tools for marketing your company, product or brand through social networking. The primary vehicle for that promotion is the now infamous Facebook Fan Page that connects your brand to potential customers and consumers that “LIKE” you. Nearly a billion people have a Facebook account, and it is one of the few online websites that is visited by the majority of its users every single day. The Facebook network itself is ingenious in the fact that it collects very specific data on all of its users that can be used to target advertising and help weave potential connections into a tapestry of highly inter-connected groups or users with similar interests. All you have to do is get users to click a single “LIKE” button, and you are in business.

The Facebook Fan Page gives your brand a direct link to the user’s news feed. While the benefits of being directly linked to a large pool of consumers who are in turn directly linked to other consumers that share interests or geographical proximity should be apparent, I will go over them with you here.

  • You can instantly alert consumers about upcoming sales, promotions, or any other news item related to your brand.
  • These consumers have already stated that they “LIKE” your brand, so they are more likely to convert in the first place.
  • Facebook is an interactive network that will allow user participation not available with other types of media.
  • 1 “LIKE” is equivalent to a direct IV feed of your advertisements and marketing to that user for as long as Facebook is viable.
  • Since User A “LIKES” your page, their friends with similar interests may “LIKE” your page as well. Friends can view their activity.
  • The guise of a Facebook Page gives the consumers a false sense of being sheltered from Corporate controlled propoganda.
  • You will benefit from Facebook’s marketing and popularity. A consumer may miss your radio ad, but catch it in their news feed.
  • Facebook is working on leveraging your Likes even more by making those users spokespeople for your brand in ads that will eventually be displayed in the news feed itself.

It believe that social networking is here to stay in one form or another. Facebook has been successful thus far because they offer a fully operational station that users can connect and share their media from. Photos, messages, chat and status updates in the form of a wall are all in the same place, and for the most part Facebook has kept their functionality to that bare minimum for improved performance. Another area that Facebook has done very well is integrating mobile capabilities and 3rd party developers with the original platform. Every single business that operates in any capacity online needs to have a Facebook page and a Twitter account. I would almost say that every business in 2011 period needs a Facebook page and Twitter account. Users actually like Facebook and give them a lot of slack when it comes to aspects such as privacy that would spell disaster for other applications. Of the users who do eventually disconnect their accounts for one reason or another, most re connect within a year.

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