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McDonalds Hamburgers

People have been talking about the lack of decomposition in McDonald’s hamburgers for years. I saw a video of a woman who had carried one in her car for 4 years showing it to people at McDonalds across the country, and a guy who has been collecting them since 1989. They thing it’s wonderous that they don’t decompose, and that they are a sign of how bad American health has gotten.

The truth is that most foods with low water content will not decompose or rot. Raisins are as natural as you can get, but when you take the water content out of grapes they take on many of the same properties as McDonalds hamburgers which has Sodium to help in its preservation.

What is more alarming to me is the bread. Most bread that we’re used to develops mold after little more than a week. The fact is that a lot of breads never develop mold. They do get hard though, and some cultures will use the old hard bread to make cakes and cookies. There is a popular coffee cake in Australia that requires you to let the bread become stale before you dip it in a chocolate sauce.

I personally haven’t eaten a McDonalds anything in over 2 years. I assure you it has nothing to do with the preservatives. No, I worked at McDonalds for a few months back then, and every night we knocked the boxes that sandwhiches are placed in into the floor when pushing back the line to clean under it. The boxes are just sitting on the metal shelves, and the chords that the warmers plug into often help make sure the boxes don’t stay there. I threw them away for weeks until a manager saw me doing it one night. I was told to never throw away the boxes, but just put them back on the shelf. If you do eat at McDonalds, make sure you eat a burger in a wrapper (The wrappers are kept in a drawer. Much like the cabinets of an RV, the drawers keep the wrappers from falling into the floor).

Another tip: Mind the grease. McDonalds grease is speced to be changed weekly. At times the work gets backed up and the grease isn’t changed for 10-14 days. When the grease gets old the fries and hash browns start to taste horrible. I wouldn’t be opposed to eating some of the breakfast items, but I wouldn’t want hash browns unless the grease was fairly new (1-4 days old). The fries are much the same.

Ever wonder why some McDonalds food is terrible, but some isn’t? The warmers have timers that employees are supposed to watch. When the timers go off, the meats are supposed to be dumped and replaced with fresh meat. Managers often just reset the timers, letting the food stand for twice as long as it’s supposed to. Coupled with old grease and high school kids who don’t care if your meal is satisfactory and you get a terrible fast food experience.

Here are some tips: Find a McDonalds that has a good staff. If the lines move fast and the employees don’t change often, you’ve found a good start. Don’t eat after 3:30pm, that’s when the part time high school kids come on. Adults who depend on the work for a job always do better than the kids who don’t want to work anyway. Have you had your break today?

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