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I’m on SOPA Strike today!

I was going to write an aweome blog post about the only shape that is self righting without the use of weights, but most of the Internet is on Strike today, so I’m going to join in. My other Internet interests are too important to break from, so I’m just ignoring SOPA there, but I like the fact that I have this blog where I can take the day off and act like I’m occupying Wall Street or something, when the truth is I have about 11 hours in as of 8:15 today.

Sometimes I don’t think people realize how hard it is to do things well. I know some people that do, but mostly people cut corners and produce mediocre content (they call it “great content”) and just assume that everyone is in the same situation.

I purposely formatted my personal blog to feature articles that were longer than normal, included dual narrative and covered aspects of Internet science that is above and beyond what they’re selling on Mashable. I aim to put out 2400-3000 words per week in 3 800-1000 word articles, even though I know that I could get more page hits and grow my brand faster by writing 6- 500 word articles per week.

Yes, it’s hard work sometimes, but we won’t tell anybody that. We’re on strike today! The government is keeping us down, and trying to ruin the Internet. We should be boycotting hollywood and the recording industry, but instead Wikipedia and Reddit sees today, in conjunction with MLK day, as a 4 day holiday. Just close down the Internet, that’s awesome.

Strikes aren’t what the Internet is about. This is something that is unique to the web; the low overhead makes it possible to just black out your business for a day, but it’s not helping anything. I couldn’t look up what year Doogie Howser was on TV today, and I  am pissed about that. AND I had to work while the douchebags that beg for money at the top of the Wikipedia page got the day off to drink mojitos and get sunburned.

I may not have really took the day off, but I’m kicking SOPA’s ass 1 web graphic and blog post at a time. Be on the lookout for a HUGE announcement from me late next week.

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