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Images by John Michael

I had some PRO Pictures done last week, and was able to go for a viewing earlier today. I don’t consider myself to be the most photogenic person in the world, and I saw the pictures on the camera during the shoot, so I wasn’t expecting the best results regardless of how good the photographer was.

The photos looked great, even prior to re-touching. The setup John Michael used was professional, and he realy knows what he’s doing. I noticed today that he had won several awards in photo contests (Wedding, kid, Kodak, Fujifilm, you name it). He has been a professional photographer for 7 years, and you wouldn’t realize what that means until you get photos done by someone with that kind of experience.

I have learned more about photography just by observing his methods nd picking up small things during the hour or so we’ve been in contact than during my entire life. A lot of people think that photography is something that anyone can do, and that just because someone has an expensive camera and lighting that they won’t do that much better. Unless you see an amateur photo and professionally done photo together, you wouldn’t realize the quality difference. Tere truly is though, and if you don’t understand how to make light your friend, you will never have high quality photos.

John Michael was great, he took as many photos as I wanted, and tried out some extra poses that weren’t as traditional. When I first went to his studio, I drove by it 3 times because it was such a big house. It didn’t look like a photo studio, but instead a victorian era mansion (which is perfect for photography). It turns out that the house was one of John Mayo’s farm houses, and is probably 150 years old.

I am glad that I chose John Michael as opposed to trying to get a cheaper alternative. I’m always happy to support local business, but this guy does it right. He has invested a LOT in his business, from the equipment to the location, it all adds up to make for one of those rare businesses that you’d expect to see in Manhattan, not Paintsville KY. I can’t wait to get the photos this weekend and integrate them with my money sites, and add them to my bylines. I expect the photo I choose to use to get over 10 million views this year, so it isn’t a decision to be taken lightly.

The icing on the cake, was literally icing on the cake. Today was cupcake day at the studio, and I got a cupcake, and my picture taken in front of the house! A visitor before me put her cupcake in John’s wife’s face lol. It’s important to have some fun in your business sometimes. I would definitely recommend John Michael if you want professionally done photos that are high quality, even when compared to professionals. Guess what? He’s affordable too.

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