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EA Mission Cool Down and Dropping DIV

I understand what DUPs was trying to do with the mission cool down feature, but in my opinion it fell short. There are some players who login once a day, claim all the mission rewards, complete zero missions, rinse and repeat tomorrow. It’s a dirty way to play, but players like that never get the real benefit that honest players derive out of the friends they make in the game.

I considered the rip runners a price of doing business to an extent, however have singled out a few to be blocked when they’ve come to my attention, and their attitude or actions leads me to believe that the negative things they do toward me are part of some more sinister deep seeded anger or jealousy, or are part of a larger ulterior motive. If you’ve been known to eat at Taco Bell every week, don’t tell me that my invitation to McDonalds is beneath you. I find it comical how some “social media managers” so obviously display contempt for their acquaintances. Social media wasn’t suppose to allow you to stay updated on people you envy and make into your own private competition, it’s supposed to be a place for friends. Tune people that you don’t like hearing from out.

As for Cool Down, it is keeping as many or more honest players from completing missions as it is dishonest ones. No one has the time to do missions all day long, and if players can’t stop in once or twice a day, complete 10-20 missions and move on in their routine, missions will quickly become yesterdays icing. 

As many of you have noticed, my activity on EA has fell somewhat, and my DIVs are lower than they have been in months. If you didn’t know by now, I working on a new project. http://socialmediasun.com/ is one of the most anticipated websites I’ve launched in approximately 10 years. The whole method of web development changed from something that was viral to something that built slowly over time through search. I’m hoping to jump start the website with a little momentum off the gate. I hate 3 Million Eaves that I will be rewarding the people who help me next week. There will be missions ranging from tweeting a link to an article, to visiting sites on the SMS top 100. There will also be a special Chat even hosted at 8pm EST on 2.29.2012 in honor of the site launch, and to talk about where the site will go from there.

On top of a busy work schedule, Triberr has been acting up and not publishing my tribe mates tweets in my feed, the Internet funny JPEG scene is in a slump, my friends are in the bottom of a cyclical rotation relating to Facebook use, and I have only been focusing on those 2 networks for EA activity earnings. I almost had an entirely blue circle until a rash of small sell offs this past week, but I’d like to return to are form by the site launch. I hope to see you on the 29th in some capacity, hopefully joining in some of the missions and attending the Twitter web chat.

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