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Too much Kony on my Sony

So all this week everyone on the Internet has been forced to hear about Joseph Kony abducting children, and Rush Limbaugh calling a girl a slut. There have been 2 major results;


Let’s start with Rush. He lost the majority of his sponsors, and has been dragged through the mud while no one even asked the question of how much of a slut the girl really was. I don’t know the whole story, but people just need to get tougher. You’re going to ruin a man’s life for name calling? What ever happened to sticks and stones? Oh yeah, they’ve all been collected by liberals for the last 5 years to build a big funeral Pyre for the first chance that they had to take down Rush Limbaugh. All it took was 1 simple screw up, and it couldn’t have happened at a more opportune time: election year. I mean isnt there worst things to worry about in the world than jumping on rush limbaugh for outing some college slut? Like maybe, child abduction? Yes, and a little known (at least until last week) charitable organization did just that.


Invisible children sent their video “Make Joseph Kony Famous” into the viral stratosphere last week. Since 1987 Kony has been abducting children in Uganda to fight for their rebel forces, who by the way are fighting the Uganda dictatorship.

It sounded like a noble cause, at least until you take a look at Invisible Children. This charity has had shady business practices since light cast shadows, and they’re not getting any cleaner now that they’re in the spotlight. The company itself admits that less than 35% of the proceeds actually go to any cause at all. The other 70% goes to flying the owners of the charity all around the world traveling, and making movies for their production company. These guys are more worried about being famous than saving children.

What’s even worse is that the only way to fight Kony is by funding the army who fights against him, which is a group who abducts children just the same. Both sides are evil, but Kony has been doing it a little longer.

I just don’t trust the judgement of the Internet anymore. We’ve been given a limitless resource where the first thing you can do is look into the facts of these charity scams. Instead, people just want to be involved in something so bad that they’ll send money to a drug dealer in America to get the drugs off the street in Mexico. They’ll sleep better tonight because they aren’t aware of how many children were kidnapped by a group they funded who kust sp happens to be opposed to Joseph Kony. Getting involved in something important while highly ignorant of the important facts. I’m going to start calling that behavios “Supporting the other Kony”.


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