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Have Faith in Fate, Superstition can give you Permission

As many of you already know I have been dedicating the majority of my web development time working on Social Media Sun, and have been enjoying every minute of it. It’s the first project in a long time where I’ve set out to do everything the way it should be done; the right way, and succeeded time after time. It was bigger, more complicated, and has more potential than the hobby like projects I have been taking on lately, and I’ve still held out on delivering in each and every aspect. If everything continues the way it has been, the site will grow into quite the Social Media blog quicker than even I had anticipated. I actually have a few tricks up my sleeve that I planned to play had the site failed to meet expectations, but it isn’t looking like I’ll be resorting to gimmicks.

What I’d like to tell you about this evening is some events surrunding the latest guest post, “Up and Coming Blogs that You May Not Know” by Tony Bennett. Tony has been supportive during the launch and subsequent weeks, and I had entertained getting him on board for a contribution. After seeing him around our local social media haunts a few days in a row, I figured that I would pop the question and see if he wanted to submit something. After he agreed, we came to that part that no blog really enjoys: topic choosing. I know that Tony is probably familiar with more blogs than anyone I know, so I decided to see if he’d like to do a top blogs kind of list. Everyone does that however, and our site is fairly new. Everyone knows that Chris Brogan and Mari Smith are popular blogs.

Tony knows EVERYBODY though. So as a second thought, why not do a list of blogs that most people aren’t familiar with? So Tony was up for it, and he actually shot me 2 names over the day we decided on the topic.

He turned the article in early this week. The Bloggers were Margie Clayman, Peggy Fitzpatrick, RS Guthrie, Amber Meadows, and Andrew Biebert. About an hour after I received the article and checked out all the blogs, I knew that we had a winner. The blogs were awesome, and people couldn’t argue with that.

Immediately after uploading the article though, it started. I first saw it on the @Sun_Social Twitter feed. That Twitter account is set up to re-tweet people who have contributed to Social Media Sun and to pull from their RSS feeds for our own tweets. Our account re-tweeted a comment from Gini Dietrich that had @margieclayman mentioned in it. It was a little odd. The next day I stopped in at Triberr and approved some posts, and there it was again. The Marketing Profs blog is a feed in one of my tribes, and Margie had done a guest post for them. I tweeted out her article. It was then that I started to suspect that someone was trying to tell me something… Dino Dogan, what does this mean?

I went to my Twitter to contemplate the pair of odd coincidences; this supposedly little known blogger showing up in my feed twice in 2 days right after I uploaded a post about how she was great, but little known. A passage from Peggy Fitzpatrick’s short introduction in Tony’s list reads “You may not know her by name, but you’ve probably seen this smile cross one of your social media streams at some point.” – and then it happened, someone in my feed re-tweeted Peggy and I was sitting there staring at that exact same smile, just like Tony said.

The coincidences didn’t stop there. After posting, I found out that both Peggy and Margie play the role of right hand-person to the guy who owns the 12most blog. Margie is the editor of that blog, and Peggy is the second in command at re:DESIGN, his other company. Peggy also writes for 12 most… and so does Amberr….. and so has Biebert.

The post was great though, and I would like to get all 5 of the bloggers to contribute to Social Media Sun. This is one area I wish I could do better in: attracting people with top notch writing skills and Social Media experience to create content for the blog. Some poeple just don’t understand online writing that well (you’re actually writing articles when you go for expertise, not blog posts), some people can’t get the voice down (authoritative and unique. Thnk Kissmetrics blog or something Brian Solis does with Altimeter) and some people just can’t write that well. Mostly though, people don’t want to contribute to a new site and can’t see the massive benefit that SMS offers over other sites they WOULD contribute to. I don’t want to go into detail there, but Page Rank HAS NO EFFECT ON WHAT A BACKLINK IS WORTH. Our backlinks are worth far more than most blogs if you’re a social media blogger for the simple reason that the words “Social Media” are in our domain name. Plus, the site will have good page rank after the next update, and we just barely missed getting in before this previous update.

So if you haven’t checked it out yet, go and check out Social Media Sun. I’m really proud of the result of what is basically all the design and development work I completed during February. If you have faith, it may be fate that you do.

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