My name is Adam Justice, and I have been designing, maintaining and promoting websites for 13 years (since I was 13). I started with my early interest in wrestling, and ran some sites that generated millions of hits every month. I never correctly learned how to monetize my properties to their full potential until after I got out of high school, but have been studying the underlying tenants of marketing and advertising, as well as sociology and psychology to compliment my knowledge of design, typography, user herding and technology is general. I graduated with an Associates in Applied Science from Big Sandy Community and Technical College in 2008 with honors. I was listed on the Dean’s List and President’s list every semester I was enrolled full time in the Computer Aided Drafting Program.

I am a featured contributor for Yahoo! on the subjects of Technology, Automotive and politics. In August I won the Rising Star Award that included a 100$ prize. I have been very successful there, getting approximately 50 features across all subjects (site leading I suspect) since I started. My last 7 News commentaries have garnered features, and I’m currently at 88.75% feature to article ratio for September. I am also currently on the Hot 100 list, a list of the top 100 contributors by page views. You can view my contributor profile here: http://contributor.yahoo.com/user/1103075/adam_justice.html

My website is located at http://adam-justice.com/ . I am primarily taking on consulting and Social Media marketing projects at the moment, and I do as many projects for little or no money, or other forms of compensation as I do for paying clients (I have no shortage of paying clients either). I was only recently able to re-open my hire me template because of a backlog of work. I also publish my articles there.

I have a Webmaster blog at http://webmaster.adam-justice.com/ , which is fairly new and consists of Social Media marketing tips, web development tutorials, and content production articles. I plan to do some Marketing campaign tutorials and case studies, but never pertaining to my own clients. It is not so much that my techniques and strategies are unknown or secret, but that I respect the privacy of my clients and believe the money they pay also covers a level of trust. I will guest blog on your site for free if you are in the top 100,000 according to alexa, or have an engaged community.

You can follow me instantly on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn by using the fully follow link below. If you have a spare 5 minutes, it doesn’t take that long to add me on these other wonderful platforms, and adding me on all guarantees a large purchase of your stock, which I would otherwise not do unless you have an ROI of near or over 1.0. I am on Eaves to connect with like minded people, but I think motivated players who have been here for a while should have some type of visible success.


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